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Real sheds. Real Amish. Real Midwest.

Don't forget to scroll all the way down to check out our extra options such as dormers, windows, gravel bases, and much more!


Old time meet modern. Bring your property to life with a little bit of country in the form of a lofted barn. With enough room in the loft to sleep and not bonk your head, or store all those Christmas decorations for 10 years, you're sure to have enough storage! As with all lofted sheds, a hand built wooden ladder is included.


Bring a touch of simplicity to any backyard with a custom garden shed! The garden shed is extremely versatile and can be customized to your choosing, or be the Simple shed you need! Great for people just needing a shed for a lawn mower or snow blower. Be sure to check out our lofted garden shed if you need more "small item" storage!


The improved version of the garden shed, featuring a steep roof peak allowing for optimal storage, including a loft! These buildings are accented well with windows and flower boxes. Adding a dormer will make you the envy of the neighborhood. 


The regular cabin would be the perfect shed to have next to your pond, or make the perfect gateway in the middle of nowhere! With the two sided roof it gives you plenty of headroom. Each cabin is standard with 1 steel 36" 9-lite door and (3) 2X3' windows, placed where you want them. All cabins come with standard with Trex decking using hidden fasteners and white vinyl railing. Adding a second door could make it a perfect fishing cabin! 


Upgrade your property or hideaway with a lofted barn cabin! With the gambrel style roof, it leaves enough room to put a bed above the porch in the loft area. Each cabin is standard with 1 steel 36" 9-lite door and 3 2'X3' windows, placed where you want, White vinyl railing, and TREX brand decking for maximum life. See options for additional features such as an extra loft or more windows!